Mushroom Utilized as Food by People in Manokwari

Eklovina S. Atbar, Matheus St. E. Kilmaskossu, Sepus Fatem


This research aims to know and identify mushroom species exist and consumed by the people in the district of Manokwari. The result shows that four species from two families are consumed by the people in Manokwari. These are Pleurotus floridae, Pleurotus pulmonarius, Pleurotus djamor from the family Agaricaceae, and Volvaria volvacea, from the family Plutaceae. The utilization is for own consumption and to sell for cash. The mushrooms are cooked and served as side dish. The mushrooms are sells in the market of Sanggeng and Wosi in Manokwari, with the price of Rp. 2000,-/pile. The knowledge about the use of mushrooms are traditionally handed over from the older generation to the younger generation. Until now, the mushrooms are only harvested from the forest, especially during the rainy season. No mushroom cultivation has been started yet. To increase the utilization of mushroom and cash income for the people, agricultural extension needs to be done to train the people how to cultivate mushrooms



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