Local Indengenous Knowledge Sough Ethnic Mangrove Conservation And Utilization In Cagar Alam Teluk Bintuni

- Mahmud


Local Indigenous knowledge  is source utilizing local conservation  ethnic community and had been become social cultural in life. Aims of the research were to know local indigenous knowledge and kinds utilizing mangrove vegetation from their cultural perspective.  The result showed that ethnic sough have local indigenous knowledge in mangrove ecosystem utilization as take count limited, method take of very simple, there areas can not visit ( Pamali), take sources aquatic at  only big and ethnic sough  used  6 species of 5 families for different purposes such as foods, energy, building constructions, medicines, and tools. Besides those ethnic soughs  have pamali are ones of type’s local conservation for protecting areas so sustainable.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30862/bbrp.v9i2.251


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