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Universitas Papua Journal Management System (UNIPA JMS) is an integrated management system of UNIPA journals which allows editors to manage and organize their journals that they can work more efficiently and effectively, particularly in a team.

UNIPA Journals are covered in several leading abstracting and indexing databases including the ones given below.
A full list of the indexing and abstracting services for each journal can be found on the journal's website.

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Beccariana Botanical Research Bulletin

Beccarina Botanical Research Bulletin (BECC) is an official publication from the Manokwariense Herbarium (MAN) - Biodiversity Research Center (PPKH) Universitas Papua in Manokwari.  The journal publishes research papers on plant Taxonomy, Ecology, Physyiology, Diversity including Conservation and Ethnobotany in Papua and other regions. Articles are regularly published a year - in May and September 

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