Journal History

[February 22, 2018] KPEJ inisiated by Irfan Yusuf and Sri Wahyu Widyaningsih. They requested an application letter to Director LPPM UNIPA, Dr. Benidiktus Tanujaya, M.Si, for requesting an e-ISSN (Online) and p-ISSN (Print) to Indonesian Institute of Science which has elegibility and authority in Indonesia.

[March 1, 2018] KPEJ got e-ISSN (Online) number 2615-2673 and p-ISSN (Print) number 2615-2185 by Indonesian Institute of Science.

[March 5, 2018] KPEJ get institutional email and indexed in google schoolar.

[March 9, 2018] KPEJ start counting in Flag Counter

[March 11, 2018] KPEJ start counting in Statcounter.

[March 12, 2018] KPEJ indexed in Research Bib, Neliti, DRJI and Issuu

[March 20, 2018] KPEJ indexed in ICI, ESJI, SIS, and Citeulike

[April 14, 2018] KPEJ indexed in Crossref

[June 15, 2018] KPEJ indexed in Citefactor

[Juli 15, 2018] KPEJ indexed in GARUDA (Garda Rujukan Digital)