Isolasi dan Identifikasi Cendawan Nematophagus (Duddingtonia flagrans) yang Berpotensi Sebagai Agen Biohayati dengan Pengamatan Mikroskopis

Hermawaty Abubakar


The purposes of this study was to obtain and identify isolates of the fungus nematophagus as Duddingtonia flagrans that isolated from soil samples which have the potential as biological agents. Method of isolation used trapping method, by spreading bovine rumen fluid that contain the nematodes to the surface of the media Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA). Stages of isolation followed by microscopic identification to observed hyphae and other structures. The results obtained four isolates which are distinguished by color and colony morphology, those isolates are Cyr1, Cyr2, Cyr3 and Cyr4. However, based on microscopic observations only Cyr1 that showed as a fungal nematophagus by  presence of ring structures (traps). Appearance other structure of Cyr1 such as  conidia, conidiophores, and klestotesium  indicated Cyr1 as Duddingtonia flagrans.


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