The Diversity of Freshwater Fishes in Haya, Mamberamo-Papua

Robi Binur, Henny L. Ohee


This research aims improved data of the species and abudance freshwater fish for conservation planning Mamberamo region.  The survey was lasted 18 days from 5 February to 24 April 2008 in several habitat consists river, creeks, oxbowlake and stream. A total at least 20 species in 17 genera and 14 families were collected were captured using gillnet, castnet, handnet, longline and poisson plant from Deris sp. Two species new record for Mamberamo that is Chilaterina lorentzi was previously know only from Tawarin river on the north coast Papua about 200 km west Jayapura and Puive creek, tributary of the Pual River near Vanimo, PNG and Monopterus albus (intoduction fish) was not previously know in Mamberamo although Papua. The generally freshwater fish fauna were collected in Haya about 70 % similar to record from Dabra.


keanekaragaman, ikan air tawar, Haya, Mamberamo-Papua

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