Effect of inquiry science learning on students’ metacognitive skill


  • Tharsiana Lelasari Universitas Papua, Indonesia
  • Aksamina Maria Yohanita Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia
  • Insar Damopolii Universitas Papua, Indonesia


Motivation, learning, study from home, pandemik


The purpose of this study was to know the difference between inquiry learning
model and conventional learning model on students’ metacognitive skill at SMA Negeri 1
grade XI Science Manokwari. The type of research was quasi experimental design used
nonequivalent control group design. The study sample consisted of 2 group of group XI MIA
4 as experimental group and XI MIA 7 as control group. The tecnique sampling used
purposive sampling. The instrument used was a test in the form of a description consist of 12
questions. The results showed that mean final metacognitive skill of experimental group was
61,22 and control group was 46,69. The data analyst used non parametric test mann whitnay
obtaided P 0.012<0.05 showedthere were difference in metacognitive skill between student
with inquiry model and conventional model.