Tentang Jurnal Ini

GEODE: Jurnal Geologi dan Ilmu Kebumian is an open-access journal focusing on the scientific works devoted to the study of Geology and geoscience research. This journal publishes both empirical and theoretical research to advance and disseminate knowledge related to sustainable development. The journal emphasizes the sustainability issues in Indonesia and worldwide such as Geology, Environmental Geology, Geodynamics, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics, Geography, Geotechnical, Petrology and Mineralogy, Geothermal, Hidrogeology, Geological Hazard and Mitigation issues. GEODE: Jurnal Geologi dan Ilmu Kebumian published two times per year in April and October.

All manuscripts including original research, research notes, technical report, and reviews are welcome either inĀ Bahasa Indonesia or English. In addition, all articles are downloadable for free-of-charge. For the completion of the journal publication process, all manuscripts should be submitted by Online Submission.