Vol. 7 No. 1 (2015): Februari 2015

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Potential Development of Low Temperature Geothermal Power Plant in
Arfak Mountains District, West Papua Province
Utilization of Flash As a Dynamic Presentation Application
Bioremediation of Oil Drilling Waste at Pertamina Petrochina Job
East Java Tuban - East Java
Fixed-Bed Semi-Flow Model as an In-Process Reactor
Hydrocracking (Case Study: Catalytic Cracking of Leather Oil
cashew nut / CNSL)
Evaluation of Using the Similarity Thesaurus for Query Expansion
In the Indonesian Language Information Retrieval System
Determination of Sirtu Production Based on Mining Break Even Point
PT. Manokwari Lemon Island
Implementation of Creating a Voip Server using Trixbox
Effect of Q Filter Inversion on Instantaneous Amplitude (Instanstaneous
Amplitude) Seismic Data
Effect of Exposure Time and Initial Concentration of Chromium(vi) Solution
Against the Results of Photoreduction of Chromium(vi) Catalyzed by
Semiconductor Zno-Zeolite

Published: 2015-02-01